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Gulam Jaffer


Gulam founded Yourway in 1997, growing the company from an entrepreneurial biological transport service to a comprehensive biopharmaceutical supply chain solutions provider. As President, Gulam is responsible for the overall strategic direction of Yourway and implementing initiatives that enable consistently reliable, efficient and compliant service for the company’s worldwide customers.

Leandro Moreira

Senior Vice President of Corporate Development

Leandro joined Yourway in 2018, leveraging over 20 years of Fortune 500-level experience in the transportation sector to implement initiatives that drive company growth. In addition to his wide-ranging leadership experience, Leandro is GMP, GCP and GDP certified. He frequently lectures at global industry events and US Department of Commerce business forums.

Shiraz Jaffer

Operations Manager, US

Shiraz has been with Yourway since 2002. As Operations Manager, US, he is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of the company’s dispatch, warehouse and logistics functions, as well as managing temperature control logistics for both air and over-the-road transportation. He manages a team of dispatchers, facilitating effective and efficient communication channels across US, Asian and Latin American markets.

Carl Budson

Vice President, Global Quality

Carl has been with Yourway since 2010, overseeing quality systems for the company’s worldwide clinical trial distribution network. As Vice President, Global Quality, Carl liaises with both internal and external stakeholders to develop solutions that provide customers with full oversight of their clinical trial materials throughout the supply chain, ensuring adherence to quality best practices across all facilities and functions.

Cathy Baker


Cathy has been with Yourway since 2011. As Controller, she oversees the financial and human resources functions of the company, with primary responsibility for maintaining strong internal accounting controls and pursuing revenue-generating opportunities, including new lines of business and expansion of Yourway’s global network.


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