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Image Overlay - Central Lab Sample Management & Logistics Services
Image Overlay - Central Lab Sample Management & Logistics Services

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Central Lab
Management & Logistics Services

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Central Lab Management & Logistics

Clinical Trial Sample Management and Laboratory Logistics Services

Maintaining the stability of your biological samples from patient to laboratory is critical to your trial’s success and the development of important new therapies. Partnering with an integrated logistics provider that has a robust and trusted network of clinical trial laboratories protects the integrity of your samples from pickup through delivery and analysis, providing you with the high-quality data you need to move your project forward.

Your Trusted Clinical Trial Lab Partner

From selecting the optimal laboratory for your analytical needs to facilitating the safe and efficient delivery of your clinical trial samples for testing, Yourway manages the entire process on your behalf, so you can spend less time worrying about logistics and more time advancing your development programs.

We will work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy based on your trial location and design to optimize the stability of your samples through transport and quickly obtain results from a reputable, compliant clinical laboratory.

Central Lab Management & Logistics Capabilities

  • Laboratory testing
  • Data management
  • Sample management and support
  • Investigator support

Learn more about how Yourway can help you with your clinical trial laboratory sample management and logistics requirements. Contact us today.



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