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Image Overlay - Import of Record (IOR)
Image Overlay - Import of Record (IOR)

Regulatory Expertise

Import of Record (IOR)

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Importer of Record (IOR)

In countries permitting the use of third-party IORs, outsourcing this responsibility to a biopharmaceutical logistics provider with global customs expertise streamlines the process and significantly reduces supply chain risk.

Trust Yourway as Your IOR

Yourway is the trusted IOR to many pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies worldwide. With 21 global GMP depots and an innate understanding of cross-cultural supply chain logistics, we are exceptionally well-positioned to handle all customs-related documentation and valuation on your behalf, while ensuring accurate payment of all duties, tariffs and fees. Our fully integrated offering translates to reduced transport time, enhanced efficiency and lower risk across your entire clinical supply chain.

IOR Capabilities

  • Documentation and valuation of goods
  • Coordination of payment for duties, tariffs and fees
  • Global GMP depot network and cross-cultural logistics expertise
  • Fully integrated supply chain support and global customs expertise for enhanced efficiency and reduced risk


Helping Sponsors Navigate Complex Ancillary Supply Sourcing Challenges with Integrated Services


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Regulatory Expertise

Regulatory Oversight

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Regulatory Expertise

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