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Active & Passive Temperature-Controlled Packaging

The biopharmaceutical cold chain is as complex as it is critical. Temperature-controlled packaging solutions are vital to mitigating risk and maintaining product integrity from production to the patient by stabilizing internal temperature regardless of external environment.

Safeguarding Your Temperature-Sensitive Shipments

From pharmaceutical raw materials to finished products, our team of temperature-controlled packaging and logistics experts safeguard your shipments across every aspect of the clinical supply chain. Based on your materials or product profile, we work with you to develop a comprehensive solution tailored to the needs of your trial – whether it be phase I, II, III or IV.

Our temperature-controlled management services cover pickup through delivery and include monitoring and gel pack or dry ice replenishment. We have experience handling ambient and controlled-ambient, refrigerated (2–8 °C) and frozen (–20 °C to –78.5 °C) products using both passive and active temperature-controlled systems.

Yourway has the industry’s largest volume of passive temperature-controlled shippers, including insulated and United Nations-certified shippers for ambient refrigerated and frozen shipments.


  • Active Temperature Control Solutions
    • Envirotainer
    • Unicooler by Lufthansa
    • Kryotrans
    • C-Safe
  • Passive Temperature Control Solutions
    • Credo VIP / TIC Units
    • DGP Intelsius
    • Laminar Medica (Chilltherm / Biotherm)
    • Thermosafe (E90, E280C and E280)
    • Cold Chain Technologies (Pallet Shippers)
    • Emball-ISO / Soft Box / S CA Cool Logistics / Air-Sea
    • Ability to source a variety of solutions from any manufacturer
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