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Image Overlay - Biological Sample Shipments & Logistics
Image Overlay - Biological Sample Shipments & Logistics

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Biological Sample
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Biological Sample Courier

Critical to the success of clinical trials and biopharmaceutical development programs as a whole is the secure return delivery of biological samples that help to inform study outcomes. Transporting biospecimens such as blood, tissue, urine and cells not only requires strict temperature controls, but also global regulatory and customs expertise around the distribution and logistics of controlled substances and dangerous goods.

Experience Mitigates Risk

Yourway safeguards your biological sample shipments from the investigator site, patient’s home, hospital or other pickup location to the laboratory or manufacturing site. We have 20 years of experience transporting these highly-sensitive materials, and we leverage our long-standing expertise to provide GDP and GMP training programs around the safe and compliant handling of biological samples.

Our biological shipment service is supported by our full range of temperature-controlled packaging and logistics solutions to ensure your samples are not compromised during transport.

Delivering Speed, Efficiency & Quality

Yourway has strategic relationships with clinical sites around the world, enabling greater efficiency and control when it comes to the collection and return delivery of biological samples, as well as global regulatory and customs expertise to prevent costly, potentially critical clearance delays.

Biological Sample Shipment Capabilities

  • Biological sample collection, retrieval and delivery from and to the specified location
  • Temperature-Controlled Packaging
  • Temperature-Controlled Logistics
  • Regulatory Oversight
  • Customs Clearance
  • Patient-friendly sample collection kits
  • GDP and GMP training programs
  • Integrated Project Management

Learn more about how Yourway can help you with your biological sample logistics and courier requirements. Contact us today.



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