COVID-19: Global Supply Chain Update

April 16th, 2020

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Yourway is built on connections. We connect patients to treatments and researchers with results throughout our extensive global network. As the COVID-19 pandemic has progressed, the ability to connect has taken on a new significance, acting as a lifeline for many. When we were first informed about the crisis, we took swift action and responded by strengthening our international and local connections and increasing capacity to be prepared for the coming weeks and months.

We have been at the forefront of this crisis since January and can attest that our efforts continue to pay off. As long as patients receive novel, life-saving therapies without interruption, regardless of what’s happening in their country, we can proudly say that we’re on the frontlines keeping the supply chain moving.

All 21 of Yourway’s global depots are fully operational. If your company is experiencing disruptions or challenges in your supply chain, contact Yourway for solutions to your specific needs.

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Global News Brief

news bullet Wuhan, China, the original center of the coronavirus crisis, has ended the 11-week lockdown that began on January 23.
news bullet Governors on the East and West coasts announce forthcoming plans to reopen states, including New York and California.
news bullet Eli Lilly will begin clinical testing for COVID-19 therapies, with results expected in the next two months.
news bullet Sanford Health will investigate the drug hydroxychloroquine for the treatment and prevention of COVID-19. The trial will take place in South Dakota and include 2,000 outpatient individuals exposed to COVID-19, including high-risk patients and frontline healthcare workers.
news bullet At present, there are more than 70 COVID-19 vaccines in development with three in human clinical trials. So far, there are three leading candidates — two in the U.S. and one in China.

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Regional Breakdown

North America

US flag USA
news bullet There are restrictions imposed on all 50 U.S. states with 43 states on lockdown.
news bullet Large commercial airlines including American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines and Southwest are operating on a reduced flight schedule. This has not affected Yourway’s ability to deliver clinical trial material.
news bullet Major U.S. airports remain operational, with flights limited from individual carriers in both domestic and international lanes, and ongoing limitations from smaller ports.
news bullet Non-essential travel is limited both domestically and internationally.
news bullet Ocean carriers are fully operational and following standard crisis protocols, but cargo transport between China and North America is significantly reduced.
news bullet Though formal restrictions vary by state, road travel remains open.
CA Canada
news bullet Canada continues to enforce the Quarantine Act, wherein all non-essential worker travelers must undergo mandatory isolation and abstain from using public transportation for 14 days.
news bullet The U.S.–Canadian border is closed to all but the most essential travel.
news bullet Airlines have expanded their cargo services while reducing commercial flights.
news bullet Trade across the border is unaffected, and supply chains remain intact.
MX Mexico
news bullet Commercial flights have been reduced.
news bullet Public gatherings, including gatherings of over 50 people, have been suspended until April 19.
news bullet All non-essential activities are banned until April 30th and all citizens have been urged to stay at home.
news bullet Air, ocean, and road traffic are all still operational, although capacity is reduced for air freight--Yourway’s operations remain unaffected.


UK flag United Kingdom
news bullet Country-wide lockdown to be enforced until May 3.
news bullet British Airways has suspended all its flights to and from London's Gatwick Airport.
news bullet London Airport is closed until May, and Heathrow is operating via a single runway.
news bullet Although most passenger transit is significantly reduced, goods are still moving freely into and around the UK.
FR France
news bullet Flights are reduced between France and the United States and some of the most impacted countries, including China and Italy.
news bullet Overseas flights are limited to maintaining territorial continuity.
news bullet Schengen borders remain closed.
news bullet Orly Airport has been closed since April 1.
news bullet Travelers being evacuated from other countries by the French government must undergo quarantine.
news bullet France’s lockdown has been extended to May 11, after which certain restrictions will be lifted.
IT Italy
news bullet Italy remains one of the countries experiencing the most severe restrictions. All movement of citizens within the country is currently banned. The nationwide lockdown remains in place until May 3.
news bullet Airports remain closed across the country, with most services from most airlines reduced or canceled altogether.
news bullet Transport by road and rail remains operational.
news bullet The Italian government has issued exceptions to pharma companies performing DTP services.
BE Belgium
news bullet The Belgian government has announced enhanced social distancing measures, which do not affect the international transport of goods and drivers.
news bullet Road transport of food, medicine, and other essentials to stores and pharmacies is fully tolerated.
news bullet Lockdown planned to end in phases, likely beginning on May 3.
CH Switzerland
news bullet Restrictions have been extended until April 26.
news bullet Entry from Italy, France, Germany and Austria is limited to Swiss citizens, Swiss residents, and people entering for professional reasons.
news bullet All border crossing points are open to the movement of goods and there are minimal disruptions to international trade.
ES Spain
news bullet National lockdown extended until April 26.
news bullet Only essential industries remain operational, including healthcare, logistics, food, and financial and insurance entities.
news bullet Land borders are closed to entry but not for cargo, allowing clinical trial materials and DTP services to continue.
news bullet Airports, ports, warehouses and carriers remain open and operational.
PL Poland
news bullet The borders remain open to the movement of goods, and trucks bearing international road freight are no longer required to respect a quarantine period of two weeks.
news bullet Borders are to remain closed until May 3, with a state of emergency enforced until April 19.
news bullet More border checkpoints are now open, especially on the borders with Czechia and Germany.
news bullet Truck capacity is reduced to Italy, Portugal, and Spain.
RU Russia
news bullet Non-essential businesses have been closed mandatorily from April 13-19.
news bullet An overnight curfew was implemented in Chechnya, with road, rail and air transport links suspended in the region.
news bullet All commercial, international and charter flights are suspended.   

Asia Pacific

CN China
news bullet Wuhan, China, the original center of the coronavirus outbreak, has ended a national lockdown that began on January 23.
news bullet While Beijing remains at emergency level 1, other cities, including Shanghai, have been downgraded to level 2.
news bullet There have been major reductions and cancellations to both international and domestic flights.
news bullet Beijing will take steps to bolster domestic and international air cargo capacity, including support for air freight companies, and logistics firms.
news bullet Travel restrictions in Wuhan are due to expire on April 8.
news bullet Beijing will take steps to bolster domestic and international air cargo capacity, including support for air freight companies and logistics firms
HK Hong Kong
news bullet Nonresidents from any location outside mainland China, Macau, and Taiwan were banned from entering Hong Kong starting March 25th.
news bullet Nonresidents from mainland China, Macau and Taiwan who were overseas in the previous 14 days are also barred from entry.
news bullet All flights have been suspended from the Hong Kong International Airport.
SG Singapore
news bullet All social gatherings have been banned.
news bullet There have been no import/export changes to date, although international flights are significantly restricted, and foreign visitors, apart from long-term residents, are currently banned.
news bullet The government is ramping up border checks to detect and isolate cases entering the country.
AU Australia
news bullet The Australian border is closed to entry for foreign travelers, and all entering Australia are required to enter a 14-day quarantine.
news bullet Restrictions in New South Wales will remain in place until June 29.
IN India
news bullet A comprehensive nationwide lockdown remains until April 30.
news bullet Ground supply chains for both non-essential and essential commodities have been significantly impacted due to a lack of available human resources.
news bullet Trucks are not allowed on the road, except for the transport of essential commodities, including medicines and clinical trial materials.
news bullet Air freight is operating efficiently owing to the limitations on passenger flights.

Middle East

IL Israel
news bullet As of April 12, Jerusalem residents are restricted from anything aside from doing essential work or receiving medical care.
news bullet General lockdown remains in place although restrictions have eased in Brei Brak.
news bullet All nonessential businesses are closed.
news bullet Residents must be within 100 meters of their homes.
news bullet Commercial flights are suspended through April 15.
SB Saudi Arabia
news bullet Saudi Arabia has imposed an extended nationwide curfew indefinitely.
news bullet Residential lockdowns have been mandated in Mecca, Medina, Riyadh, and Makkah.
news bullet Traveling is restricted between regions.
news bullet International flights are suspended but freight and commercial flights remain available.
TU Turkey
news bullet Residents under age 20 are prohibited from leaving their homes, except for those 18-20 who are employed.
news bullet Domestic flights are limited until May 1 with a nationwide quarantine in place for people entering Turkey.

South America

CL Chile
news bullet Chile maintains a settle-in-place order with schools, universities, and malls closed.
news bullet Borders remain closed to non-resident foreigners.
news bullet Cargo transport is not restricted, including ports, airports, and customs processing.
PE Peru
news bullet The Peruvian border shut down its borders after declaring a state of emergency on March 15.
news bullet All international travel in and out of the country is closed.


ZA South Africa
news bullet Only essential activities are permitted.
news bullet The country is in the midst of a nationwide 3-week lockdown that began on March 27.
NI Nigeria
news bullet Nigeria has extended its original three week lockdown for an additional two weeks, effective April 13.
news bullet Nigeria has placed a complete travel ban on 13 countries.

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