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Direct-to-Patient Logistics Services

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The rate of organizations adopting decentralized trials has only accelerated in the last year, with many companies having to convert their centralized models to remote trials seemingly overnight. Despite the challenges of cancelled flights, closed airports, regulatory changes, and even entire countries in lock down, Yourway continues to enable clinical trials to move forward and ensure investigational medical products, ancillary supplies & biological samples arrived on time.

Yourway has a long-held commitment to provide our clients with a truly integrated solution covering the entire clinical supply chain. With our extensive global footprint, and proactive approach to overcoming challenges, we work with the client to create innovate solutions that not only make operational sense but are also efficient and cost effective.

In this new scenario where the patients are no longer on-site, and the treatments are going directly to them, we can help clients maintain compliance and reliability, and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Supporting Global Decentralized and Virtual Clinical Trials During Challenging Times and Beyond

Yourway has been adaptive in making sure critical supply chains have not been disrupted. Find out how we are supporting global decentralized and virtual clinical trials with the help of our global network.


Advances in Technology and Support for Direct-to-Patient (DTP) Services

Yourway has been providing direct-to-patient services for over 10 years. See how our experience and understanding make a difference in the field.


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